About Us


Eclectic, Effortless, Iconic.

The SF Collection is inspired by city street style. Dress it up, dress it down, print on it, accessorise it; just wear it your way.

We’ve added 11 new fashion-forward products this year. Whilst improving many of your solid favourites with new colours and fabric mixes.

As always, you’ll find the modern finishes, flattering lines and feel good materials you’ve come to expect from SF. Enjoy!



Our aim? To design and manufacture modern and highly wearable clothing, keeping an eye on style and fashion and a tight grip on quality.

We definitely don’t believe plain is boring – which is why all our garments look great with or without a logo or design.

Everything we do is done with the customer in mind: from design, to manufacture, distribution and beyond.

We care about where we make our clothes. And we care about those who make them.

There are no typical days for us but we’ll try to put our hands and heads to most things. If you can’t find us in the office, we could be anywhere in the world visiting and checking out manufacturers, meeting with customers or seeking out new ideas and ways of doing things.



  • We fully recognise the importance of the people and the countries where we manufacture and ask that any manufacturer or supplier associated with us share our commitment to fair and safe working practices.
  • What follows below is a summary of our Code of Conduct relating to the Manufacture of our goods (from design through manufacture to shipment). Further information and clarification is available from us if required.
  • All of our factories (must) operate in full compliance of their country relating to all applicable laws, rules and regulations – including labour, worker health, safety and the environment.
  • All workers must be treated with respect and dignity and must not be subject to physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment in connection with their employment*
  • All suppliers and factories must adhere to the all applicable labour laws including those related to hiring, wages, hours worked, overtime and working conditions*
  • Workers must be free to join and organise any unions or associations of their own choosing. Where local laws limit the right of freedom of association, employers shall not obstruct alternative and legal means of free association.
  • There will be no use of forced labour.

*For further information about Skinnifit’s Code of Conduct and Ethical Policies please contact us.



Click here for a detailed list of terms and conditions for all the Henbury brands. If you have any questions or need further information in regards to the T&C’s just get in touch with us at enquiries@sf-clothing.com