Ethical trading and respect for human rights are core company values. At SF, we believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers to promote adherence to internationally recognised ethical standards. All our factories operate in full compliance of all applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to their country. We select, approve and inspect all our suppliers personally along with local representatives, therefore we can guarantee that high ethical and environmental standards are met across the board.


When assessing our supply partners we follow set standards, which require working conditions in our factories to be safe, for working hours to not exceed local maximums and that overtime must be voluntary. Employment below the minimum working age set by the individual country and forced labour is prohibited and all suppliers employ based on equal opportunities and non-racist policies. Remuneration must be at least the minimum wage required by local law, including allowances and benefits. We require that our suppliers and manufacturers comply with all local environmental laws and legislation and that they are committed to improving and investing in environmental efforts. At SF we believe that our employees, wherever they are in the world, have a right to these conditions and through frequent inspections by our local agents and ourselves we ensure compliance with the above principles.